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Model 3 burgler false alarm

We had the burglar alarm go off on our model 3 yesterday, has anyone else experienced that? It made a frightful noise and commotion for a minute or so and I'm trying to understand what caused it.

I had tried to summon the car in a car park earlier but to no avail, there was some sort of connection problem, so my wife tried as her phone which is a much more recent model, and it worked fine. I then got in and we drove about 40 miles to another car park got out and went to get a ticket and suddenly all hell broke loose (my wife was sitting in the car at the time with her phone). I rushed back and used my card and the alarm went off. Don’t understand – is this worth reporting to Tesla as a bug or does anyone have any idea what might have caused it? Very embarrassing I don’t want that happening again.
It sounds as though the car has unlocked using your phone when you first got in, then when you got out to get the ticket it's locked when you walked away. Some movement inside from your wife would then trigger the ultrasonic sensors.
As much as I like the idea of just walking away from the car there are too many situations where I get out with my phone on me, leaving family members in the car.
Thanks for that. Sounds like the just walk away feature is a non starter for me and probably many other people. I will turn it off right now.
It's difficult because I would love to be able to use it but there needs to be a way of overriding it.
In my current car I can press a button on the B-pillar which disables the interior alarm sensors so you could leave the windows open or a dog in the car when it's locked. It would be nice if the M3 had something similar where you could press a button on exiting to disable the feature temporarily.