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Model 3 CAN data / SIM card?

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We still know so little about the Model 3 in terms of geeking out on it. For example with the Model S/X we know where the CAN diagnostics port or the SIM card extender (EU cars only) is. Under the screen behind the shelf. However with Model 3 we are clueless.

Since we have crossed 10k cars delivered I believe in our community to geek out on things like this. Maybe the same CAN decoding would work for Model 3 using apps like TM-Spy or SMT. We also don't know where to change the sim. Maybe since all the 3s made so far are American they don't have a sim extender modem and it is buried deep into the touchscreen right there with the CPU.(much like early S) Yet there's so much to find out. These things keep me excited despite me being 1 year + away from delivery if lucky. (March 31st, 2016 reservation)

I would appreciate for the owners out there to push our knowledge limits. You guys are driving most people's dream which money can't buy. (yet) Enjoy.
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