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Model 3 carbon fibre end caps - on sale


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Jul 17, 2019
Bath, UK
Don’t know if this is of interest to anyone but it appears that Tesla is discounting the (real) carbon fibre end caps that go on the 19” and 20” wheels.

Model 3 Carbon Fiber Wheel Cap Kit

They’re now £150.00. That’s obviously still a chunk of change for what they are, but it’s considerably better than the £350 (?) they were before.

Have just pulled the trigger on a set myself.

Yeah, in isolation it's a bit silly to spend that sort of money.. but carbon fibre "vanity" parts tend to be priced based on what the market is willing to bear anyway.

I man maths'd it to £37.50 per wheel, and it didn't seem so bad then.
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Not sure how long it’s been the case, but they’re £100 on the Tesla store now. Imagine having paid £350 for them originally!

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The seperate caps are bad enough. What were they, £45 maybe when I bought them? Sure the centre caps were decent enough but the actual nut covers, my god, couldn't have possibly made a cheaper, thinner, poorly finished plastic.

Sure it looks the part when its on, but when they turned up...instant buyers remorse.