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Model 3 charger cable issue?

Hi it’s good to join the forum, I received my Model 3 a few days ago and just had a query regarding the plugging in of the charging cable to the car.

I’m a bit concerned that the plastic housing is not aligned properly with the holes connecting into the charging port (see picture)

The cable does work - but I get a strange noise being made, like a sparking when initially plugging into the vehicle. That part is really concerning since I can seemingly hear some sort of electrical connection going on and I don’t think that’s right. Maybe it’s just initial EV paranoia but has anyone experienced the same, or is it normal?

Thanks in advance


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I can’t comment on the alignment as I can’t tell from the images but there should be no sparking sound or any sound other than the unlocking and subsequent relocking of the charge port with the plug inserted. The EVSE does not deliver power until after a virtual handshake between it and the car. Only then does the EVSE switch on (you will hear an audible click) and it will begin to deliver power. Have another charger nearby you can try?
Thanks for the replies, there is a definite “fizzing” kind of sound when plugging into the car - which clearly isn’t normal from what I’ve read. I’m with another Tesla owner this week and might get the chance to try a different cable to establish if that is the problem, in the meantime it’s been logged as a service on the app and my appointment is next week.
Having tried a public tethered charger and also used the same cable at a public untethered charger, I’ve identified that this problem is unique to my home charger and that’s where the problem seems to lie,

I’ll refrain from naming the manufacturer since they are taking steps to rectify the issue, they’ve said a firmware update must be done manually by an engineer.

I’m happy at least to have tried alternatives and narrowed down the problem, hopefully it will be resolved quickly