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Model 3 Charging: Quick question about electrician installing HPWC

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Hi everyone,

I apologize if this is a silly question as I'm not an electrician, but I have an electrician coming out to 'install' my HPWC into my garage on Monday. Unfortunately, my shipping got delayed on the actual HPWC and won't arrive on time/by Monday. As of now, he is still coming out (couldn't reach him).

Basically, can he still do any work on the charging/wiring without the physical HPWC? (or should I cancel?)

(Sidenote: VERY EXCITED. Line waiter in PA. Configured about a week ago and waiting for the VIN/delivery instructions, should be within a month or so!!!)

Thanks in advance,

He can do most of the work without the HPWC. Basically everything except actually bolting it to the wall and hooking up the wires that he's run. You can view the installation manual online which should make the details clear.

Installation Manuals - Wall Connector
He can but he probably won't be happy about having to come to your house a second time. Best thing to do is call him and see what he says.
Funny, I'm in the exact same position. I kept thinking I was jumping the gun when I wanted to buy the wall connector weeks ago. All of the sudden I found a reasonable electrician who said "I can start tomorrow at 8am". I printed the wall connector instructions for him and he's working away right now. Tracking says wall connector will be here Tuesday. Shouldn't require too much time to come back and just hook that up. For weeks I've been kind of hoping that Tesla might take their time with getting my car to me because i wasn't ready. Now the shoe is on the other foot and I want my damn VIN. Hehehe.
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