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Model 3 Dash and Gen 2 Console Wrap

Picked up m2021 M3P yesterday. First mod was to wrap the dash and console with carbon fiber


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I think it looks good as well. Vvivid has many versions of carbon fiber vinyl. What's the exact name of the one you used? Thanks!
It's Vvivid's Black True R Carbon Fiber.

I like it because it doesn't have the obvious weave texture like other carbon fibers. Kinda similar to what you see on the Tesla spoiler
I went replacement dash too. But some wraps certainly do look good. I was more worried I wouldn’t nail it; and the professional job was going to be 250 to do the wrap... that’s halfway to a real dash that I snap in. Love the RPM dash btw
Wow, $250? I think it cost me about $20 in materials and I have a lot left over. I would expect something like charging $100-150 for wrapping. I've had experience vinyl wrapping and I would rate this at a 2 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being most difficult). The hardest part was actually trying to find the clips to snap the dash back in correctly lol.
Yeah. I mean, they do have to profit but I found it to be high. I will say, the RPM dash came out so nice... in a nearly 60k car, a 500 dollar part for a substantial change with quality isn’t too bad...

Especially considering I nearly went with a 1k white interior simply to avoid the wood dash. In the end, it’s a win. I felt many of the vinyl wraps looked sorta plastic... yours certainly looks great tho
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