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Model 3 Financing: How can i achieve low monthly payments ? Other questions...

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Looking to reserve a model 3 in the coming months as my first bought car in New Jersey. In my research on financing i'm seeing that most individuals that finance are alleging that they pay around $900-$1000 a month. The teslanomics calculator seems to support this finding, but quite puzzled.

Are monthly payments of $500-$600 achievable without putting a hefty down payment ?

Will the federal tax credit likely be available a year or so from now ?

Advice ? Recommendations ?
Excel is quite helpful. If Excel scares you, those online calculators work too. You are NOT going to get the first production configuration in the $500 to $600 range without a hefty down payment. If you haven't reserved yet, I would question your ability to qualify for the full Tax credit. On the other hand the "base" model at $35K even without a tax credit, with only $5K down could easily be under $600 (maybe even under $500 if you went 72 months at 1.99%)
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I was able to get my monthly payment to $565 a month, but that was a result of me getting $6800 for my trade-in and putting down $8000 which does not include the $1000 reservation and $2500 order deposits. In total between all the payments plus the trade-in I have about $18K towards the car already, so I’m only financing $38K. So yeah, if you wait for a cheaper version of the Model 3 and don’t want to put down a lot of cash then you should be able to get monthly payments where you want.

This is a pretty good calculator for monthly payments specific to the Model 3: Tesla Model 3 Better cost estimate