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Model 3 Front Vibration after 80MPH?

Haven't post anything in a while lol.
Recently I started to notice the front end start vibrating after the car reaches around 80 MPH and above, the vibration only gets worst when I speed up or slow down until I hit 60~MPH. Also at low speed, there is ticking coming from the front end. Currently, I'm suspecting the front half shaft is having issues which causing the virbation.

Link Video
Link ticking
Did you ever get to the bottom of the vibration you were getting, my MYP has just started to do exactly the same thing. one day was fine next day not good, thanks
Did you figure it out? Mine just started doing the same. 2021 LR. Have had the tires balanced twice which seems to hell briefly but doesn’t actually solve the problem.

Like you, mine started completely out of the blue.

My guess GUESS is it's the inboard CV joints. My new shafts arrived yesterday cand will install them in next few days. In my case I have eliminated, balance and alignment. It's probably not ride height as car is slightly lowered. No wheel bearing noises. There is a possibility it's rear shafts but vibration is very under the feet. Another trick is to drive at acsteadt 65 mph ish then very gently depress the accelerator. I can make mine vibrate and shudder at will not just hard acceleration. Will report back .
Your aero shield likely has a small scrape that is catching enough air at speed to induce vibration. I replaced my damaged aero shield for the Mountinpass Performance Smash-Me Plate (aluminum) and it resolved my issues.

That or you have a minor backside bend on your wheels.