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Model 3 is getting pedestrian warning noises (AVAS)?

They say it’s for cars made after the 1st September. Does this count for UK cars as well. I’m picking my M3 up on the 26th Sept. is this likely to have the noise device fitted. How long does it take from coming of the production line to getting delivered in the UK, this may give a clue when cars may get this in the UK.
unlikely if your collecting next week. your car would be on a boat already. I asked already who is collecting today can confirm

Fingers crossed! Imagine all the spaceships moving about in the SC.

There's a grill but nothing behind it.

lol yeah i watched the video. I guess the point I was trying to make was that they've been thinking about it since Jan. So they may have sneaked in a few speakers that will be activated by software update!
It sounds space age, fair enough for me. It's mandated by EU law (and US, too, I think) so I wouldn't faff around with the wiring.

Also needed for those who are sight impaired - friend of mine nearly got run over by an EV when she tried to cross the street. They didn't see her stick until she was on the road near their bumper. Fine for all of us pedantic gits, but there are people where this could be a lifesaver. Yes, I trust myself to look for people who could dart out, but everyone has an off day, slow reactions or the proper old gits on here with slower reaction times could benefit from this.
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What legislation would apply? I think for now this is Tesla voluntary initiative so unplugging it won't have any legal ramifications... Model year is still 2019.

Its a safety device fitted to a car that has been disabled - if its on type approval, its part of the cars specification and safety systems so is required to maintain type approval IMHO.

I would also think your insurance company would run a mile, possibly invalidating it and the person who you hit solicitors would try and take you to the cleaners which would cost money to fight - and any insurance legal aid that you may have on any policy would probably not represent you - they only do that if its a high chance of winning.

Just my opinion, but I cannot honestly see anyone winning a civil case bought about by a third party who was hit by your near silent car when it should have been making a noise. Its negligence on your part at the very least.
But there will be Tesla's in the wild that, like that video, don't have the speaker fitted but have the mounting points for it. How would they know for sure that you removed the speaker completely, rather than it not being there in the first place?
Pretty easy. Any legal worth their fee would check what should have been fitted to what and when. Even more so if car does not match type approval if that is indeed the case. In addition, in the event of a serious accident, its pretty eye opening what can be concluded from seemingly innocent parts and whether any non functional part is accidental or deliberate - neither would be good if it could be shown that the driver knew about it which, if it is a loud as some make out, pretty obvious.
If you could choose your engine noise, what would you select? Sports car? New (eg Ferrari) or old (eg 3 litre Bentley)? Realistic modern car or an old banger? Would you want a steady noisy, or one with gear shifts as your speed increases or decreases? Endless possibilities!