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Model 3 keeps locking itself

Why does my car lock itself after about 30 seconds? I unlock the car and by the time I’ve taken off one boot and put it in the frunk, the car has locked itself again. Can’t find a setting to adjust this. Any ideas please?

You can find this on page 14 of the tesla model 3 manual that I found online.

Specifically, here is a copy / paste of the manual. If you want to search your own model 3 manual, search for "walk away" in your manual.


Walk-Away Door Lock Doors and trunks can automatically lock whenever you walk away carrying your authenticated phone or paired key fob (if ordered after approximately October 1, 2019).

To turn this feature on or off, touch Controls > Locks > Walk-Away Door Lock. When the doors lock, the exterior lights flash once and the mirrors fold (if Fold Mirrors is on). To also hear a confirmation sound whenever Model 3 locks, touch Controls > Locks > Lock Confirmation Sound > ON.

Model 3 does not automatically lock if:

• You check the Exclude Home checkbox and Model 3 is parked at the location you have designated as Home. For details on how to designate a location as Home, see Recent, Favorite, Home and Work Destinations on page 132.
• An authenticated phone or paired key fob is detected inside Model 3.
• You are not using an authenticated phone or paired key fob as the key, and walk away carrying the key card or unpaired key fob (see Passive Key Fob on page 10). When using the key card you must manually lock Model 3 by tapping the key card against the door pillar. When using an unpaired key fob (sold as an accessory), you must manually lock Model 3 by pressing the lock button. See Keys on page 8.
• A door or trunk is not fully closed.
• The phone's Bluetooth setting is turned of