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Model 3 @ Local Time Attack in 2024

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This forum needs some more in-car track video, so here we go!

While the 3 is not exactly breaking any records, and on a regional or national level for Time Attack it's not terribly competitive, it's still quite good for doing local events. Especially now, given the going prices, there's not a lot of sub 5-year old cars that can also serve as a daily driver and seat 5 that can compete so well.

Here's some recent videos from this year!

Thompson Speedway - 2nd Place


Palmer Motorsports Park - 4th (So Close!)

MasterC17: “I’m not that competitive”

Also MasterC17: Loses only to quarter-billion-dollar OEM race car…
Haha! Yeah, the 3 certainly punches above it's weight class!

Went back and looked at your old videos, nice time at VIR Full @ 2:05. That's C8 Z51 Corvette on R compound times. Made any significant changes since then?
I've added aero and made some other minor tweaks, but nothing significant. I think it could probably pull off a ~2:03-2:04, but that's the limit. VIR is a power-friendly track, and with two very long straights the 3 runs out of legs quickly. Too bad they banned EV's.
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