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Model 3 LR vs. Performance

Does anyone know what the differences are between these two? Besides the speed. I know the Performance Model 3 has a "Dual Motor" badge with a red line underneath it on the rear of the car. Are there any other ? Like interior trim or pedals?
I was sold a performance model 3 with the performance upgrade taken off....but it has the red stripe under the "long range" emblem on the rear....I'll try to post a pic
You have a P3D- AKA: Stealth Performance. It is somewhere in between a P3D and an AWD. It has the faster acceleration and Track mode of the P3D but (I believe) everything else is the same as the AWD.
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I upgraded from a $60k 10,000 miles LR RWD to a $80k P3D+. Hard choice now that performance is cheaper... but sometimes, I wish i have kept Beast Range model 3 for the extra 120 miles range. Performance you are looking at 220 range with PUP due to larger wheel... and maybe 250 without PUP.

I may get a pre owned LR RWD for daily commute maybe if pocket allows and wife approve haha. 330 miles range for $42k todays price still great deal for a car that’s built to last 500k-1M miles.
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