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Model 3/Model Y Premium Center Console 2.0

Center console 2.0 refresh for Model 3/Model Y for sale. Brand new, only opened and unwrapped to take pictures. Asking $850, shipping included.

I ordered it at my Service Center in Kansas City and brought it home to DIY replace my current console which has slight wear and tear. Decided I didn't want to mess with the swap and will just live with my current console. There are videos on YouTube with a step by step how-to, so if you're handy and have a few hours could be a great upgrade from a first generation console. Fits both Model 3 and Y. Ordering brand new from Tesla I believe is $900 plus tax.


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Additional info:
Part number 1755503-72-C
Second generation whole center console with wireless phone charger (charge up to two phones wirelessly at the same time), 2 USB-C chargers inside front console, and 2 rear USB-C chargers and rear AC vents.
I would be interested except I learned that changing over to the newer console, eliminates my data port needed for my Sentry USB drive
Not entirely true. I did this and my replacement 2.0 console still had data. If you ever do this swap PM me I'll help you with getting data back if it doesn't already have it.