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Model 3 owner claims Car froze while driving, stuck at 83MPH


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Nov 28, 2018
Riverside Co. CA
Surprised it hasn’t made Jalopnik front page

Edit: never mind here it is Tesla Screen Freezes At 83 MPH On Freeway: Report
Come fellow Weird Tesla Nerds! To the comments section for battle!

Edit edit: this story would’ve been gold if the speedo got stuck at 69mph

Jalopnik has such a... ehem let me clean up my thoughts for a minute...... "disdain" for ANYTHING tesla related, I pretty much stopped reading them. I used to like going there and reading the articles, but its been clear for a very long time now that when they need clicks, they run an anti tesla story.

I thought it might be better after torch left, but nope, same old same old. Its not like I am a tesla stan or anything, pretty far from it actually, but they dont do anything that resembles journalism on anything tesla.
What made this such a big deal that it was reported in the news even IF you assume everything happened exactly as stated? Every once in a while (let's say 1 in 100,000) ICE cars will have a fault and the engine will die on the freeway. At that point, the car will begin to slow down whether you want it to or not and depending on the type of power steering and brakes, you may lose some steering and brake control: you may have to use a lot of force to turn or brake. The only difference here is that the car decided to maintain speed until the driver used the brakes, at which point he was able to pull over safely. I would argue that is better than just "dying" and drifting to a stop.

When the only thing that makes it news is that it's an EV, it's not news!



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May 30, 2021
Long Island NY
No, it proved the gas pedal wasn't working. because he was lifting off and pressing it repeatedly.

I'd suggest you actually watch the video before making assertions.
I did watch the video before I said that and while I must have missed it why are you so nasty?
you could have corrected me with some manners and I would have said “Damn, I missed it”
Be Nice.
To me it looks like the accelerator works. At the end of the video you see him following a semi, then driver uses the accelerator, the screen remains frozen and but he passes the semi at increasing speed (or the semi by chance started slowing down but I don't see brakes).

There is nothing conclusive in that video to support the claims except that the screen froze. The video even says after pulling over it rebooted and everything appeared fine, but owner still had it towed.

It would be like having a blinker bulb temporarily go out and having your car towed demanding what went wrong and a repair report that a "loose connection" wasn't sufficient. In this case the blinkers where probably still working, just the infotainment was frozen (so, not as bad). That's the only conclusion that can be drawn.

Owner went way out of the way to make a story and the MM ran with it.
I still think this is an example of good engineering. Some rare event happens that renders controllers/computer inactive (could happen in any car). So instead of dying, it keeps doing the thing you last commanded (83 MPH) until you intervene. Then when it is safe to pull over, you use the brake and pull over. They seem to have designed the car with this in mind. The accelerator is by-wire but the steering and brakes are mechanically connected and can be used for manual control if needed to pull over safely.

To me it looks like the accelerator works. At the end of the video you see him following a semi, then driver uses the accelerator, the screen remains frozen and but he passes the semi at increasing speed (or the semi by chance started slowing down but I don't see brakes).

To support your statement, take a look at the white lines on the road. Watch how fast the white lines are moving just before he cuts and shows the accelerator pedal, then look at the speed of the lines after he pans back up after showing his foot on the accelerator: at that point, they are definitely moving slower. Counting frames in the video, he's going 62 MPH before the accelerator shot and 53 MPH after that shot. So he's definitely not going 83 the whole time.

I suspect that by "police help to pull over" that the driver called 911 and the police asked him to use the brakes and pull over.

I also suspect that he quickly learned that the go pedal and brakes work and that the cruise and speed wheel still works. He never shows video of using the drive stalk or speed control wheel.

He then set it back into cruise and called 911 to make a story. When they didn't send out the cops he pulled up his phone to show the screen frozen and did nothing to try and support any of the loss of control claims.

Asking Tesla to investigate and fix was the right thing to do, everything else was drama. I hope the driver gets fined for wasting police time.

Since he is asking for an explanation and damaging Tesla's brand Tesla probably has the data to show the driver was in control the entire time including when the driver called the police and if he had control before that. Then police could decide if this was a false report.
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Smells like BS to me. The news is so awful. "He said, he said, he said, he said." All this is is an accusation. Was he given a ticket? Is there any reason he would lie? Why didn't the article show the Tesla report so we can verify? Did they even look? How about evidence of a problem instead of just rumors? Is it possible that all this is true? Sure. It's possible I get struck by lightning when I walk outside. I need more. This is why I hate the news.

I've had screen blips and all about half a dozen times. In fact, the pic below is what I came to this afternoon. The Sentry Mode eye of Sauron. I guess it sentried before it detected the fob and bugged out. I did the double nipple reset (or whatever it's called). While it was resetting, threw it in drive and drove home with zero problem. View attachment 793393

I agree and when I read his "story" I wondered if he was pulled over and was getting a ticket. LOL

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