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Here’s a couple of examples on my car, which I believe is what he’s referring to

Not being from a place where there's a lot of snow on the road, I haven't seen anything like this in my life.
What would another car without mudflaps look like after a similar treatment?
Looks like mudflaps are a good idea, especially in areas where lots of grit will hit your car.
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You should have you Service Center look at this. Try to push for them to help you fix the issue --- either directly with Tesla, or Tesla pay a body shop fix.

If Tesla wont help you -- you might need to file a claim with your insurance company and pay our decuctable to have it fixed at a body shop.
Hi Guys and regards from Finland. I am one of the owners ( model 3 performance ) We have a major problem going on with the Tesla Model 3 painting. On 2000 km / 1 month old model 3 already my paint is gone on skirts, body, right door to 25 cm etc.

I have at least 10 friends who has same problems on their m3.

More pictures and video of my model 3 are below. on google drive links:

What we done already:

1. Make a claim to Tesla Finland to repair these.
2. They have denied and try to say it is not part of warranty. YEP really!

THIS IS DEFECT in quality of Tesla products and we can't stand it. I have paid over 94.000 $ for the M3p vehicle in finland....

What do you think about these?

Pictures about the issues: Tesla Model 3 maaliongelmat - Google Drive

Video on the right side driven 2600 km: VID_20190507_163659.mp4

Video full body view driven 2200 km: VID_20190502_133346.mp4