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Model 3 Passenger side Key card to unlock car

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Just got me M3 delivered home yesterday. Our car was not marked delivered on the Tesla account, so we were not yet using our phones as a key.

Interestingly, the key fob given to us as a key has not been working on the passenger side. Not sure if it should work, or should not. It only seems to work on the driver's end. Also, not sure if there is a driver side key fob or a passenger side key fob (this would be stupid) but, this is my first time owning a Tesla and have not found any threads discussing this.

Please, respond if this is an actual problem that needs fixing?
They never expected people to use the cards as day-to-day keys (only for valet etc.) so the NFC card readers are on the driver B piller to unlock and the console to start the car.

The real fob (a separate purchase, as far as we’ve seen!) uses Bluetooth like the phones do.