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Model 3 performance price $1k increase and new black wheels available

Which wheels do you prefer?

  • Gray

  • Chrome

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Tesla Model 3 batch spotted with new factory black wheels - Electrek


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Are these the new Forged Performance wheels!?!? I've been waiting so looonnnggggg :D

They were an old referral reward that was supposed to be available "Summer of 2019"

Alternatively, Tesla does all sorta of random stuff with their company cars. I've seen multiple RWD and AWD cars with the OEM spoiler installed at the design studio.
That’s tire choice, not the rim.

I'm still rolling with the factory tires as of right now but i'm open to suggestions if you know of any that work with the 19" sport wheels and also stick out further than the rims.

To be fair, just don’t hit the curb? :)

I do my best but like I said even looking at the curb will give you curb rash. it's practically science.
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I saw a car carrier just like in the Electrek post yesterday. I was driving on Hwy 101 north near Redwood City. It had a number of Model 3s all with European license plate holders and the same dark gray wheels on the Performance models.