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Model 3 production line shut down ??

Bloomberg News said:
“When considering Tesla had excess inventory in the fourth quarter of 2020, and has never been able to sell-out its production capacity, we see the company as currently demand constrained, rather than production constrained,” Johnson wrote in a note earlier this week.
Samsung has fab in Texas shut down due to Texas being Texas with no connection to national grid. Work on Giga Texas also stopped. Elon is going to need lots of batteries to keep Giga Texas on line, I mean operating while off line. Actually doing libertarianism and de-regulation rather than just talking about it has consequences.
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Completely redesigning the 3. (You heard it here first). Front will have bench seats, a joystick for steering, horn will have the sound of a steer, car completely covered with solar cells to power the Keurig, sound proofing from the back seat passengers, video screen on the ceiling to locate stars, door handles inside will be a crank like the old style window crank that slowly opens the door. Those are a few of the best changes.