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Model 3 - Question about repair estimates from repair shop

I was waiting for repair estimates from repair shop. And I got email from tesla with list of parts which were ordered from tesla by repair shop. List includes two parts fender - and Front T-Badge...
Well current fender have small dent, but car hood wasn't damaged at all. At first I thought that it was a mistake or repair shop needs it for repair for other vehicle.

But today they confirmed that when they install new fender they need to bend car hood to fit with new fender and while they do so they will need to remove t-badge from the hood - and because they cannot reuse that badge they ordered new one... Sounds pretty sketchy for me - anyone got same problem solution from repair shop?
I know right. But still same used "part" cost around 40-60$ at ebay. And why repair shop need to bend car hood to fit official part(fender) from tesla? It sounds like they are intentionally increasing time they need to spend for repair - or I'm not right?
And they told me that it will take 2 weeks for repair - I didn't find any video with fender replacement - but it took about 30 min to replace bumper...
Month ago I finally got my car back. But today received a copy of conversation between tesla insurance and "official"-y fraud body shop. Body shop requested additional +1K$ check from insurance - and they give it to them. WHAT THE HELL? IS IT EVEN LEGAL?
Is it a “supplemental”?

This is common, to account for unforeseen damage and work needed.
They call it supplemental - but why the hell they write it month later after all work was done and I got the car?

And they didn't want to give me a car before they got approve of changes of estimates from insurance...
Actually that changes were adding cost of details they bought but they didn't write it in list of work - just add some more work hours and increase some parts price.

Long story - I thought they didn't want to add it final estimates officially because that was already too suspicious (they changed left and right repeaters which were perfectly fine - now they describe it in Supplemental as "Tesla told them they cant reuse old one")
But month ago they told me that on the phone they were BROKEN and that will increase price up. First I thought that Tesla Insurance will adjust pricing because they analyzed estimates for two days - but they just send a check... - I was shocked but wanted my car back already, I definitely would not get it back if I started to make any noise.
And now these bastards add these repeaters - officially as supplemental!?!?!
Why the hell they keep my car as hostage for a week waiting for approval from insurance if after all that they still could cut more money...

And still - anyone can tell after a month - "You know what? We actually repaint whole car because we thought wasn't white enough..." How the HELL nobody asked me about that? I believe that money will be taken from my pocket in the end by increasing monthly payment!?!
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And still - anyone can tell after a month - "You know what? We actually repaint whole car because we thought wasn't white enough..." How the HELL nobody asked me about that? I believe that money will be taken from my pocket in the end by increasing monthly payment!?!
This sounds harsh, and I don’t mean it that way, but it’s because it’s not your decision to make. It’s between the insurance company and the body shop to restore the car to its previous condition. In the insurance company had a problem with the bill, they would’ve sent an adjuster out to inspect the work.

You don’t need to worry about whether the supplemental will adjust your payment - it doesn’t really work like that. If you’re at fault for the accident, your risk factor increases. Doesn’t matter really whether it’s a $5000 or $10000 repair. It’s about how they perceive you as a risk, not the dollar amount the repair cost.

This is all normal course of business in the repair industry …. Haven’t heard anything yet that would concern me.
Okay I just curious how I can check that Tesla really have instructed all certified paint shops not to reinstall working repeaters and installing new one.

Yes they have replaced fender part completely but only on the left side why they replace repeater on right side as well?! It doesn't make sense.

And if that really true - why paint shop didn't order it in first place while they ordered fender part. That's not the first model 3 which they have repaired. And why they lied in first place telling me that repeaters were broken... It's look like a scam
1 year old Model 3 parked at a public golf club parking lot gets hit by a maintenance lawnmower by evidently a distracted worker, while I was golfing. How dumb is this? Anyway, the town admits fault and will pay - 3 estimates from Tesla approved body shops average at $8,500 (lower driver's side rear door damage). I received an email from Tesla that parts were ordered by the shop. I am hearing 2 weeks or more to get parts. Is that the general time line most folks experience?
Tesla parked lawnmower.jpeg
This happened to me when I was stopped on the freeway. Apparently, a big rig didn't see me and "bumped" me. The Tesla approved body shop ordered all the parts including a rear badge on December 7th, 2021. I too received an email from Tesla that the parts were ordered. All parts have been in except for the rear quarter panel, with no ETA of when it will be shipped! I'm in Northern California so I would have thought that maybe I would get it a little sooner but it's been over a month with no ETA. So fustrating!!!


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