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Model 3 radio - How to force FM?

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Jul 17, 2019
I happen to think that FM generally sounds better than DAB. I know that the Model 3 has FM since I can use the manual tune to select the desired frequency (in my case tuning directly to BBC Radio 3 and Radio 4). However, if I save it as a favourite and later go back to it, the car keeps picking the DAB equivalent instead. I'm guessing that it's remembering the station name and then using DAB by default.

Anyone know how to force FM when saving a favourite?

Also, I assume that the FM radio has RDS - anyone know for sure?
Delete the DAB favorite.

I've been out and tried. First it changed to the DAB version, but then I deleted the DAB favorite, I could then save the FM favorite then save the DAB favorite. They show up as two slightly different radio station names, but one is FM and the other DAB.

Not sure how important the delete DAB favorite. It may have worked simply because I tried it a second time.
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