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Model 3 Roof Rack

Hi all,

I'm tempted to get a roof rack in the future for next summer and am wondering if anyone here has one and are happy with it? It'll be a post-production install (lease car) which I'm hoping to take with me once it's gone (will either buy a new M3, lease a newer version or sell the roof rack).

All racks are 'post production install' to use your phrase - by you to use mine.

I believe that the tesla racks are "whisper bars". I bought into these a few years ago as different adapters for different cars come in at a very reasonable £25. Roofbox.co.uk don't have M3 ones yet, hopefully they will by the time I need them next and would likely be a good source even if you need a whole package. As we were buying for the family, being able to adapt to lots of cars cheaply has really paid off, but the argument is equally valid if you are leasing and will get a new car in a few years.

Model 3 Roof Rack is the US link for the bars, tho I don't think they are available here yet.
I really like mine. (I'm in the US)

It took a few minutes to figure out how to properly scoop the roof gaskets with the little tool they give you in order to get the j-bolts in place in their pockets under the glass, but the rest of the install was super easy.
There have been some reports of people breaking the roof glass when tightening the rack down. I didn't have this problem, but you should be careful. I have a very small gap between the rack foot and the glass, the feet are only touching the metal roof rails. If your glass is above the metal for some reason I would be worried.

The rack seems very sturdy to me, much better than the factory installed bars on my wife's Acura MDX.

I've been amazed at how little the bare rack bars affect the efficiency of the car. It's pretty close to negligible.

Granted once you put attachments on there it gets pretty bad. I use it to transport my mountain bike with a Thule wheel-on bike rack.
I just take the bike rack attachment on and off with each use (3 clamp bolts, so not too bad) but leave the bars in place.
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