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Model 3 size - more like an Accord or more like a Civic?

Is the size of the Model 3 closer to that of a Honda Accord or is it more closely related to a Honda Civic? I'm currently driving a 2014 Accord Hybrid and I'm pretty satisfied with the size and interior space and comfort. The Model 3 seems to be a tiny bit smaller than the Accord to me. Haven't really ever had the opportunity to compare side by side.

Civics seem a little too small inside for me. Although both vehicles seem to get a little larger with each generation.
I've sat in many accord and civic's before. Some how Honda always feels more spacious inside from the past 20 years. So I'd say the Model 3 is closer to the interior size of a Civic. To get that spacious accord feel, you're going to have to get a model S =p
90% of my usage will be just me in the car, so don't care about back seat room at all. More or less comfort and space for me at about 6' tall, average build.

You will not have a problem. I'm 6-2 and overweight and there is more than enough room to adjust the seat comfortably. I came from an Acura RDX. The Model 3 fits me better, especially for head room, due to the lack of a moonroof mechanism. Storage is just fine, with the trunk, sub-trunk and frunk.
Great site to compare interior (and any other) dimensions is Mazda "compare vehicles"; Tesla smokes everybody on headroom, kinda narrow and maybe a little shy on ultimate legroom. But, for example, beats out BMW 5 series for practical space...Honda Accord and Civic both are beneficiaries of good engineering with FWD format. My GTI is even better engineered, but I still prefer hooning around in the Tesla!
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Not related at to the original question, but when I drove, sat in and tried out the Model 3 performance it immediately felt a good deal roomier than the Lexus IS I'm getting rid of in favor of it - particularly on the inside - maybe it's the lack of clutter all around. It did not feel huge and wallowy on the outside, like say my gal's malibu.