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Model 3 squeaking from under dashboard. Any ideas?

I have a problem with a regular but not constant squeaking sound. It sounds like it might be coming from under the dashboard, but it's hard to tell exactly where it's coming from.

It is audible in this video and gets louder after about 12 seconds, but you might have to turn the volume way up.

My passenger recorded that on the way to a nearby town; it started after some hard acceleration and was present for most of the journey. I did not happen at all on the return journey about an hour later.

The problem is I cannot reliably reproduce it. It's not always caused by hard aceleration. It's not related to the climate control (turning it off or on has no effect). Bumpy/uneven roads don't always cause it.

The Nottingham service centre investigated on 27th June and replaced the "front upper arms because of squeak from suspension" but that did not fix it.

It is booked into a service centre tomorrow but I am not hopeful based on past experience. Do you guys have any ideas of what could be causing this?
This was caused by the bit of plastic under the windscreen wipers that you clip the 12v battery cover bit too. The plastic had warped (possibly because of the heat) and had a lump in the centre of it, allowing more air in or air in an unexpected place? I'm not 100% sure on what the technician meant and he was in a rush.

The technican was able to fix it fairly quickly because he recognised the noise. A car had come in for it before and it took 4 hours to find and fix the problem that time.
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