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Model 3 Tinting in SATX

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Please let us know what they’re quoting for Photosync on the Model 3.

I never got a reply. I've asked for a quote from another installer of photo sync, and they haven't replied either after a week. I guess they don't need any business.

I decided i'm going to have Xpel do PPF and their tint. They quoted me $360ish or so for the tint if I did it with the PPF. I asked them about the large rear window, and they said they can do it in one piece.
Just had the Xpel San Antonio guys finish installing tint and PPF. They did a great job. I wasn't sure of their tint since there weren't many reviews on it, but I thought it looked great. Seems to do a great job keeping out the heat. I was really concerned about whether they can do the rear window with one film. They actually had a conference call with me and their VP explaining that they would have no issues doing it, however, when I arrived at my appointment, the installer said he couldn't do it and could only do it to the tint line. I told him, that's not what they told me and after going to the back, he came back saying they can get a special sized tint to do the rear. They did a fantastic job.

The Xpel XR tint seems to be great. Good enough where I'm going to bring my wife's model X in and have them tint the front windows. I was planning on doing photo sync again like on our S, but I find the Xpel XR a better value and can hardly tell the difference.