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Model 3 Tire Selection

I am starting a thread about alternative tires besides original OEM tires. Recently I have replaced my model X tires and I was reading a lot in our forum however I couldn't find the same thread for model 3.

Could you share when you need to replace tires, what brand and how is the performance, such as noise level, comfort level, handling and etc.

This will help current and future model 3 owners. Thanks so much.
Consumer Reports recently had an issue comparing All Season tires.

Top recommended (From Consumer Reports November 2018 issue) (in order)
  1. General Altimax RT43 - $87
  2. Michelin Defender T+H - $115
  3. Continental TrueContact Tour - $97
I recently replaced 18” tires which were bald at 24k miles. Twice rotated. I am not easy on tires.
I spent way too much time researching. Couldn’t make up my mind on where I was willing to sacrifice. Price of tires was very important. I was leaning towards performance tires but I settled on Pirelli Cinturato AS LRRs to maintain watts/mile and cause they were on close out from tirerack for 143$. I had to go with 245s though as they don’t make 235s.
About 500 miles so far. They are as quiet if not more quiet than stocks tires and are definitely more efficient in terms of watts per mile. They lack a bit in terms of handling as they have softer side walls not as much dry grip as they are LRRs. Overall good for the price. Great if looking to increase range. Not the way to go if looking to match or increase handling.