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Model 3 turns on climate by itself

This has happened a few times now. When I'm sitting in **the back** of my 2022 M3 while it's charging, nothing unusual happens for the first half an hour or so. then, **exactly** every 5 minutes, the fans will come on at full blast. Very noisy and using a lot of power. When I check in the app, it reports that the climate control is off - if I toggle it on nothing changes, then if I toggle it off again the fans shut down. This repeats every 5 minutes.

* It only happens if the car is unlocked, but if I lock the car while I'm in it I keep triggering the alarm.
* It doesn't seem to happen when I'm sat in the driver's seat. But I have a camping setup in the rear with the back seats down, so I like to lie in the back while I charge.
* I don't want to use camp mode because I want the climate to be off, and Camp Mode seems to require the climate to be on. I'm at a perfectly comfortable temperature without it on.
* It's NOT cabin overheat protection, because the inside of the car is at about 18-19 degrees C, and there's no hot sun or anything. The outside is about 12C, although last time this happened it was probably more like 14-15.

Any idea why this is happening? Can I stop it without having to open the app and toggle it off every 5 mins..?!


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Jan 21, 2022
I had this about a month back. I wasn’t in the car and didn’t have my phone on me as I was doing stuff in the garden. The CC kept kicking in. I went into the house, checked the app and the climate wasn’t on nor the overheat protection. Turned it on/off (Opposite of the IT Crowd) and it stopped. It did it a few times and during the night.

Masters software updates sorted it. Have you disable cabin overheat heat protection?
Ive never tried sitting in the back of mine whilst charging so never experienced what you describe. However do you think it may be the climate turning on to cool the batteries as they are charging? You have the heat pump which exchanges heat, when the climate helps to cool the batteries the heat extracted has to go somewhere so why not run the fans to get rid of it. (a bit like with old ICE - If you had a car prone to overheating - like the Imp, Stagg or Jag then turning on the heating and fans on full would remove some of the heat and prevent overheating of the engine.
No, you can just turn off the interior sensors, not the whole alarm. Just remember to turn them back on again afterwards.
Sounds great - how do I do this? I had a look through the menus but couldn't see anything, unless I missed it.
Have you disable cabin overheat heat protection?
I did, out of curiosity. I knew it wasn't that because the cabin was nowhere near hot enough, and it happened several times on a cool evening after sunset. After disabling it the fans kept coming on.

However do you think it may be the climate turning on to cool the batteries as they are charging?
I was only charging at 11kw (<0.2C) so they shouldn't have been hot. Even if they were, the heat pump can dump the heat outside - it doesn't need to put it in the cabin. Also, the air from the fans was cold, not hot.

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