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Model 3 versions drag race

I suspect there will be a software upgrade along at some point to ensure the refresh P's performance is on a par with the pre-'21 cars.

Yes, the octovalve is currently programmed for economy - it sacrifices battery temperature for cabin temp - it should only do this in chill mode and in sport it should optimise for battery temperature.

Look for the M25 loop range test to see the benefit to range,
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Bjorn found similar in one of his tests https://youtu.be/N2s71w2W9UA basically the battery/heat pump management in the M3P is ultra-cautious compared to the old one which means as the battery goes down the performance is reduced by quite a bit. He speculates it needs a software update to fix it. By the end of the test at 10% the 2021 performance is about as fast as a Nissan Micra..
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Look carefully and you'll see the LR is a P-

looks like some dodgy editing, however it does show that the P, IMO is not worth the extra over the LR

At first I too thought you had a good point, but as you say, Its just dodgy editing - first shot with red underline is a different car to the one raced

Not the raced car - the red underline is a Performance version
Not the raced car

The one actually raced - a totally different car to first shot as it has no underline so it a LR/AWD