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Model 3 VIN - But what does it really indicate?

What EXACTLY does it mean when Tesla updates your account page with the VIN for the Model 3 that was ordered?

I am looking for help to demystify this "achievement" as there are so many unsubstantiated opinions out there, e.g. that VINs are assigned before build/after build/during build/after paint/before paint/just before shipment/ etc. Knowing the truth would narrow down where in the production/assembly/shipping phase my car might be!
VIN number details [VIN number decoder] AND many other great facts about Tesla vehicles:


VIN numbers are registered - which helps with recalls - then Tesla assigns a VIN to a customers order (configuration) and then this order gets into the manufacturing que and later you are delivered your car.

For many more details search:
vin number registration
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My VIN is in the 11700s. I got the car 8 days ago. They sent me the VIN when they said I would have the car in 3 to 5 weeks. This is great car. Already put over 1k miles on it.

Interesting, it's been over 4.5 weeks from config and I still haven't gotten my VIN. However, when I call Tesla, they tell me I'll still most likely get the car within the 6-week timeframe from config to delivery that was stated when I configured.