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Model 3 Voice Commands

I know that there are some voice commands.

Can people share with me what all the voice commands are?

I have only found: Listen, Play, Navigate, Cancel, Call

AND I don't understand the difference between Listen and Play.

AND I will set up favorites and I can't find a command to play a favorite. When I say LISTEN to Lady Gaga, it opens up a new playlist, rather than going to my current one.

AND does anyone know an easy way to move favorite icons around. I have asked for an edit button but to no avail.
My guess is that you don't use voice commands yet:) Because when you say Listen, you usually say "Listen to the Kinks" or "Listen to Beethoven." However, I suggest that you start using them, they are great. For example if during navigation you want to stop the guidance all you say is "Cancel trip." Of course, you have to press the right scroll button.
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I had a Model 3 test drive yesterday and asked this very question of two advisors. One didn’t know, and the other one seemed to think it was a silly question — just try it and if it doesn’t work, well then it doesn’t work! I got the feeling we are not going to get a list of commands any time soon...
My Fiat 500e could respond to text by transcribing my voice. The fact that Tesla can't even display a new text notification is ridiculous. Tesla has a long way to go with phone integration and specifically voice control, it's quite pathetic to be honest.
I want voice commands for switching from Sport steering and Standard acceleration to standard steering and Chill acceleration. Having to hunt for those is usually a PIA while driving which is often the case when you think “Let’s get a little sporty!” or the wife gives you that look of “Too far!”
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