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Model S 2013-2015 Center Console

Hello everyone. This is my first post on TMC and I am happy to join the fun on here. I have been reading a lot of posts and enjoying my S 85. I have a 2013 S 85, seven passenger (w/ rear seats) and with the family all in the car I quickly realized that 6 people (2 adults and 4 kids) and 2 cup holders... well the math doesn't add up. So, I did what everyone would do...

First I went to Tesla.com, then the forums and then Amazon. I found a few things, but nothing seemed to quite meet cost, function or quality that I was hoping for.

So, I then did what I like to do in these situations... I designed my own custom, form-fitted one and 3D printed it.

Well, this is the first iteration and I have been using this 3D printed prototype for weeks. I have to say that there are a couple of things I may change, but I do not miss having my coffee cup or water bottle jamming my elbow and I love the drop slots for my phones and miscellaneous stuff. This drop-in takes up about 10 inches of the yacht floor, secured by Velcro, still leaving room for a full size tissue box, sunglasses case and other miscellaneous items you may want to place there.

I have been debating about next steps and wanted to hear some feedback from the forum on the design and if there is any interest in these types of alternative accessories or other custom designed ones. I have been debating about a rear seat cup holder option as well.

Funny, I was just talking with my wife about the same thing. She likes that area to put her purse and we both think the elbow-knocking location of the stock cupholders is (edited).

This looks like a good compromise that keeps the utility of that area - much less bulky than the console in current Tesla models or the EV Annex one.

The cupholders look a bit shallow - no deeper than the yacht floor walls. I would think the cupholders should be at least 3 inches/7.5 cm deep. I'll have to go measure some stock ones in a couple different cars and see. Maybe the cup holders can be raised a bit in the center without affecting the edges where it meets the yacht floor walls?

My choice would be Piano Black to match my interior. I'm guessing it would be difficult to 3D print to match the wood trims.
Compared to my early attempts to organize the floor area (before buying Tesla's console), this looks pretty nice.

However, something to consider...

If you have a hard stop or an accident, unless the console tray is locked in place, you'll risk having it (and contents) flying inside the car. The Tesla console is bolted into place. Not sure how easy or practical it would be to secure your storage organizer.
The way to secure it would be Command Strips onto the floor if its hard or velcro if its carpet? I went for a drop in as I didn't like the open area and saw nothing that looked nice enough to install in a car other than factory. The drink holders do look shallow.