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Model S 85 Supercharger limited speed


In the last month Tesla updated the firmware couple times which also made my in that time 93.000euro car very very very slow charging at max 69kw for the first couple minutes and month before on same condition 117Kw speed.

Now I don't care all the bullshit reason's Tesla made up to whatever they think is best for the car.
You cannot just limit 'super charge' speed to regular slow charge!

I've asked Tesla Netherlands many times they say they cannot do anything about it... Which is weird I don't ask for the change and we are forced to do the updates! Also my companion have same model and same issues, I spoke some customers at the service center and o God. They also have the same issues.. Wtf!

There must be a bypass to fix this mess
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Imagine a conventional ice car that you’ve owned for some years. You take it in for service one day and the dealer tells you there has been a recall and he replaced the fuel filler nozzle so that you can only fill up with gas at a slower rate than before. Apparently there was a safety issue with the wider nozzle. No you have to spend a little more time each time you fill it up at a gas station.

Would that be grounds for a lawsuit?