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model S air suspension to jack car

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I found a thread with some calculations in it, on how this might be possible with 21" wheels and maybe not for 19"... but does anyone know if you can use "Very High" to somehow get the car on jackstands. The little baby jackpoint makes me nervous, and I can't stomach 300 bucks for special jackstands when I might jack the car up once a year max... Just thinking outside the box :)
I'll clarify, because I re-read it and it does seem confusing:

I'd want to raise it all the way up and then put jackstands or wood blocks or whatever (this is for like 30 mins of load), and then set it to low, then set it to jack once the pressure hits the stands. I don't know if the failsafes will let it happen OR if theres enough clearance to get the tire off... just curious if people have the hard numbers or tried before.