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Model S Alpha Prototype- single piece of glass from windshield to hatch?

Found this in the background of a pic from 60 minutes in the Model X thread:


That clearly looks like a model S with a new single piece glass windshield/roof (like the X will have in the front). Looks like the windshield goes all the way over to the back. Wonder if this is just experimental, or if they are seriously thinking like that. This is in the same room where they make clay models- so probably early stage design ideas happen there.

I always wondered if the next thing in car design would be making tighter joints between components like how iPhone are made (obviously tricky since cars flex and undergo a lot of loads, and different materials expand differently with temperature. But if it can be done it would lead to better aero and look much better. This looks like the right approach to removing joints.

Here is the Model X thread for reference: Model X Mule Sightings - Page 183
One of purposes of a sun roof is to be able to let in the Sun and fresh air when you wish. To accomplish this, you need some sort of area of the roof that can be opened and closed. Seams necessary.

Not to mention that if you got a crack in your windshield... well, that would be one interesting and expensive replacement operation.