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Model S AP3 disengages within 1-2 minutes of turning on

Hi guys, i'm out of ideas..

I drove a 2015 70D AP1 model s for a few years, i've used AP on the highway religiously and it never let me down. It had its limitations but as long as i was aware of them, it did an amazing job.

I saw a 2017 100D with ap3 and infotainment upgrade for sale on their CPO inventory and decided to snatch it as it addressed every single issue i had with my 70D and the warranty had just ran out.

Problem is, i tried using autopilot on the highway - 4 out of 4 times it rang an alarm, big error on the screen and slammed the brakes after 30 seconds - 2 minutes. This was on a highway with clear marking,s in the HOV lane (no ramps etc..) minimal traffic and so on. Pretty much ideal case. I have not managed to get it to stay engaged for more than a few minutes..

I figured it's defective, made a ticket with tesla and stopped using it. When i had an issue with my AP1 autopilot not engaging, they took it very seriously, inspected all the cables and changed the camera just as a precaution.

Tesla got back to me, did some remote diagnostics, pushed some firmware (bricking all features on the car twice.. ) and then eventually told me there's nothing wrong with it and there's nothing they can do. The guy on the phone even had the audacity to tell me to read the manual since this is a Beta feature and it's not guaranteed to work. He basically didnt answer a single damned question ie: why did it disengage, i gave them timestamps and everything. Different locations, so it's not 1 area it has trouble with etc.

I tried the feature again after they re-flashed their firmware and sure enough 20-30 seconds car disengages, scared the living crap out of me with the alarm and slams on the brakes.

I once again made a ticket, waiting to hear back.

I expected them to take this seriously.. this is obviously a safety concern. It is obviously defective, yet, they just waved their hands without even taking it in for an inspection.

Am i crazy to expect more? Is this common for you guys? Any advice?

The car is under warranty and i live in Canada for whatever that is worth.
Were you attempting to change lanes when AP disengaged? My cars do that often if I try to move into or out of an HOV lane. Here in FL, the HOV lanes are separated from the others by a double dashed lane marker, and if the double lane markers are too far apart, the car gets confused.