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Model S Autopilot Radar hardware location

Anybody knows where is the front facing autopilot radar hardware located at?
My cruise control doesn't work and the service said the hardware looks damaged, like the previous owner get it repaired with silicone etc.
We are busy with the car, front subframe is down alongside radiators etc. But I can't see a damaged sensor so far?

I found "A" radar on epc.tesla.com

But I dont know if this is it? And I can't find this part :S
Any help would be appreciated.

(Sorry if my post is under the wrong group, I couldn't find a better suiting part of the forum)
Topic can be locked. I've found it.
Another Tesla dealer fiasco. The radar is not damaged like the dealer claims it is.. Just one of the plastic mounting teeth is cracked so someone fixed it with silicone.

Socket that connects to the radar however, has 1 cable torn. That's the reason my autopilot doesn't work.
It's astonishing how much money you can save by just having a look at your car yourself, even if you are not a mechanic.

They quoted me hundreds of euros for replacing the radar and calibrating it + the hardware.
This is the 2nd fiasco I have experienced with the Dealer within 2 months..