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Model S door OPENS when car unlocked

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Over the weekend, my 2022 Model S' door began malfunctioning. When the car is unlocked (or put into park), the front passenger door opens itself. The door handle only extends about a half inch. Once the car is locked, it will fully retract. Also, I cannot open the front passenger door from the outside if it's closed.
My old P85's driver door consistently did this when parked with the side in direct sunlight on hot days for the last couple years I had it. I never did anything about it since it was actually a little convenient. I'm convinced it is just an issue with the door handle itself indicating to the car that the handle is being pulled even though it isn't.

If it had been any other door, my first step would have been to go into service mode and run the door handle calibration for that handle (assuming it's a version that can be calibrated, some of my handles could and others couldn't). If that doesn't work, I'd inspect the handle for any obvious damage like a broken wire and repair it. If I didn't find anything on inspection, I'd sure replace the door handle.

edit: I just noticed this is on a '22. It's under warranty, just schedule a service appointment. They will most likely send someone out to replace it for you. It'll probably take a half hour or so.
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