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Model S - FAQs

Thanks. Yea. I finally tried out Teslafi and it recognized my car to be AP2.5. :)

Although..it does suck that Tesla didn’t bother updating the MCU. I am starting to hear some fan noise/white noise in silence after parking the car from a drive. My MCU also kept rebooting randomly since I got my S75D in December 2017.

I don’t think that the mcu is air cooled, I’m pretty sure it’s only using passive cooling. The fan noise you might be hearing is your battery/radiator cooling down after a drive...
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Where the heck did the FAQs go? i remember there was quite a good article but I cannot find it. Links from here seem to be broken...trying to find a link to give to a new owner.

No replies in several months, so i take it that the FAQ is defunct, or at least no one seems to know where it is....?

Still seeing new owners who ask broad questions along the line of "I get my car next week. What should I know?"
I'd like to be able to point them somewhere to a good general source of info, but cannot locate the FAQ I remember reading when i was a "noob."
So I am looking at a CPO 2015 Model S vs the M3. The Autopilot in the 2015 how does it compare to the new autopilot of the M3? Sure time has passed and technology improves. Just in the drive experience, is it more clunky then what is available now?

I got an S85D with AP1 on April 3 2019. It had 12,004 miles. I love this car. The Autopilot works great. On freeway driving it will keep your speed and distance from cars ahead of you. On stop & go traffic it will bring the car to a full stop and continue once the traffic starts moving. If engaged, steering assist will keep the car in your lane and if you use the signal light, it will automatically change lanes if safe to do so. The car will self park and also can be summoned forward or reverse. The newer Autopilot has more cameras, but for freeway driving AP1 is all I need.

To me, the biggest advantage of the newer AP, SENTRY mode! But I can always add a 2 channel dash cam. It’s in my to do list.

I've taken delivery of my Model S on August 15 and still have not been given access to the Tesla App. I only have access to my account online and the account has been paid in full and shows a zero balance. Is this a common thing that happens with a purchase of a Tesla?


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