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Model S New Car Smell...

The New Car Smell (NCS) of my Model S is really potent. More potent than any other new car I've been in, in fact... Does anyone know what it is?

An old thread on these forums (http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/10770-New-car-smell) says it's actually bad for you, but their Teslas could be very different from today's.

Second question: do you try and get rid of NCS or preserve it? And to preserve, does that mean windows up and pano closed? :)
I had the same issue when the car was new - the smell was so bad that I'm worried to put my kid in it. I got the Meguiars Whole Car Air Refresher (Whole Car Air Re-Fresher (Citrus Grove Scent) | Meguiar's) and it helped eliminate some of the smell. The air refresher comes in 3 favors, and they can be picked up from Walmart. Choose the one you like best (hope you are not choosing the "new car smell" favor to get rid of your new car smell :p )
Smells like... victory!
That's the smell of all those chemicals they use to build the batteries. If you check the owner's manual, you'll see that nowhere in there does it recommend breathing at any time. :tongue:

My S is a 2013 that I got 10 months used. It has cloth seats, and never once did I smell anything other than a typical clean car. My wife likes the air fresheners that stick in the vents, so now-a-days that's about all I smell. It makes sense that it would be the leather, though, but I never noticed anything odd in any of the newer leather loaners either.