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Model S - One Year Lease or Long-Term Rental in South Florida?

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Buying a car and selling after one year is a bit expensive due to the sales tax expense on the purchase (you won't get any of the 6+% sales tax back when you sell).

I believe Tesla only provides 3 year leases. You can terminate a 3 year lease after 1 year, but you will pay early termination fees (basically, 2 extra payments plus the expenses incurred by the bank to sell the car).

One option for renting for a year is to work out a deal with an individual. There are at least a few MS in Florida on relayrides.
I've got a rented Tesla in my driveway right now - the second one I've rented on Relayrides (this one a 70 rwd with autpilot - which is facking AMAZEBALLS). Sorry I just had to say that - I just drove it 30 miles on the 10 freeway in so-cal and felt like I was in a science fiction film.
RelayRides for Tesla run around $200+ per day to rent. That's $73k for a year. I think the owners are insane given the repair costs right now. I'd hate to be an owner if the car gets totaled and try to collect the proper amount to replace the vehicle.

Seems like you ought to be able to haggle a quantity discount.

I agree that at $200/day, the risk/reward seems skewed against the owner.