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Model S owner currently looking to purchase a second Tesla

Discussion in 'Model X' started by YauKwan, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. YauKwan

    YauKwan Member

    Nov 14, 2016
    New Jersey
    Looking to purchase a 7 seat X for those times I need two additional seats.

    i am very happy with my Model S. Will I run into a lot more headaches getting a Model X or will I have the similar euphoria of Tesla ownership?

    Im slightly concerned about reliability as I do plan on keeping the car indefinitely. Most of the Model S kinks have been worked out i believe. What issues should i look out for on the X.

    Would like to order before I have to pay for supercharging.

    thanks for your advice and opinions.
  2. rhino

    rhino Member

    Nov 30, 2016
    Just had my S delivered 12/31 and our X will be here in Feb/March. Driving around in my S makes me even more excited for my wife to get her X. It's the family car, which means I'll be driving it too. Which also means I won't be driving anything other than a Tesla!

    My advice is to get the 6 seater vs the 7. Wife wanted 7 seats, but its just not good. The 2nd row middle seat is tiny and it blocks all of your rearview vision. Ditching that little seat also makes the car feel 100X more open and spacious. Also the middle seat is stationary and can't be moved. Six seats is enough, don't ruin the backseat experience for everyone for that 1-2 times a year you need to drive 7 people instead of 6.
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  3. travwill

    travwill Active Member

    May 1, 2015
    Chicago, IL
    Happy to help also. We went from and S to an X. The kinks are better now but ultimately the X has a number of more mechanical automatic parts than the S. The front door motors, front door latches, rear hatch (same), and FWDs of course. They can all operate fine now most of the time, and have iterated versions of latches/motors (we had ours updated and replaced, etc.).

    Given that, the X is solid overall. I definitely like the height more than S, Cargo space is fine most of the time as its plenty, and seating for 6 in our version is good - don't use all 6 most of the time. The 2nd row seats are not that wide and with middle out it seems like they should have armrest but maybe in future. The 7 seats would be way too cramped in back. I've sat in the back seats and they do stop from going all the way back but the only savior was being able to kinda put my legs into the middle open area.

    The X over the S eats the range more so I'd get a 90D at this point which is most efficient, or honestly now I would wait for the regular non-performance 100D to release. I think the value on free supercharging for life is not a big deal unless you are really roadtripping all the time, etc, electricity isn't that expensive.

    Good luck!
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  4. MXWing

    MXWing Well-Known Member

    Oct 13, 2016
    Since I only have one Tesla, it's a 6 seat Model X.

    If I already had a Model S for 5 people, I'd go for 7 seats with the Model X. It will be cramped for those in the back, and it will make it a little harder to see. BUT - it will replace a Minivan. It's a tough choice. Everyone says 6, but I say 7, -unless- you know 6 will do the job.

    I took delivery 2.5 weeks ago and am very happy with the build quality of my X. I imagine it would only get nicer for the ones being delivered after me.
  5. Merrill

    Merrill Active Member

    Jan 23, 2013
    Sonoma, California
    I have a classic S and an X, unless you have small people to haul around I would get the 6 seat configuration. There is no headroom in the middle second row seat, plus not having a seat in the middle gives you more room to put things in from the rear. Love our cars and have had minor issues with the X which have all been taken care of.
  6. xkwizit

    xkwizit Member

    Jan 12, 2016
    Folsom, CA, United States
    Keep in mind that from the several thousand MXs delivered thus far, the ones that you read on the forum about issues are a much smaller percentage. Majority of people like me who haven't had any major problems don't have anything to post.

    I echo @travwill the X is definitely way more complex (and nerdy) so more things that can fail. But it is a joy to drive and ride. We use it to haul the kids carpool every week and for all of our road trips.
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  7. MasterT

    MasterT Member

    Dec 19, 2016
    My vote is for 7 seater. Out of all posted concerns for 7-seater only 3 are valid (at least in my opinion):
    1. Second row middle seat blocks almost all visibility for rear view mirror
    2. Second row middle seat precludes from hauling long cargo as the second row does not fold flat
    3. Third row will have less available leg room

    But, I still got the 7-seater because:
    1. 6-seater config looks just "strange" with the absence of the middle seat in the second row. Having a console between the seat would make it so much more "complete"
    2. There are no handles or armrests on the seats of the second row which makes seating in them kind of awkward when middle seat is missing
    3. Most in favor of 6 seater assume someone in the 3-rd row, which is not the case for me
    4. During many years of ownership of various 3 row SUVs, I only used 3rd row a handful of times, so I know that the third row will be folded flat 99% of the time
    5. I do not plan to haul any long cargo, if I have to, I have wive's MB for that. For even bigger or longer cargo, I could rent a van from U-Haul or Home Depot for less than $30
    6. With 7-seater 3-rd row leg room is smaller but still usable and I would still like to have an option to haul 7 if needed as opposed to 5-seater
    7. Yes, middle seat of a 7-seater headroom is less than the neighboring seats, but I'm 6' and have just enough headroom when seat in the middle, it's very comfortable and roomy enough
    8. 7-seater over 5-seater because 7-seater seats are much nices than the 5 seater bench and
    9. The multi-compartment multi-level config of the 5-seater storage is strange but I guess would be beneficial for those needed the space; not me, I dont need that
    10. 5-seater config is not fully thought out, in my opinion. I think as the time goes by, there will be pretty significant changes to the cargo area to make the configuration more useable and "whole".
    11. Owning big SUVs for the past 10-15 years I'm used to using side mirrors 99% of the time, so rearview mirror poor visibility is an ok compromise for me

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