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Model S Plaid - 6 Months Later


So, six months ago tonight, I was lucky enough to pick up one of the first Model S Plaid to be delivered to customers. I thought folks might be interested in how things are going.

This is my post from the night I picked up the car: Wiki - Model S Delivery Update

Some statistics:
  • 5,191 miles
  • Running 2021.36.8.9 and FSD Beta 10.6
  • Quickest I've gone 0-60: 2.1 sec (1 ft rollout)
  • 1/4 mile: 9.6 sec @ 150 mph (at drag strip)
  • Fastest I've gone: 156 mph (at drag strip)
  • Lifetime efficiency: 335 Wh/mi
  • Name: "HellPony" - named through a thread here on TMC :)
Service issues:
  • Wind noise from passenger a-pillar area
    • Triangular glass loose in its bracket
    • Replaced by mobile service
  • Rattle from rear of car during turns
    • Play in latches for rear seats
    • Temporarily fixed by Service using tape--waiting on permanent fix from Engineering
  • Side mirrors do not properly return to auto-tilt set position
    • Service validated issue and replaced both mirrors but did not resolve the issue

  • Car was great at pickup in terms of pant quality, fit and finish, and panel gaps and that has held up--in fact car looks great (car is OptiCoated and I hand wash)
  • There was some concerns around stone chips on the rear quarter panels, but I have not encountered that so far
  • Widow tint is highly recommended

  • Having lived with the new interior for a while, I more appreciate the time and effort someone took son picking materials, textures, etc
  • White seats are still while--easy to clean, no creasing, puckers, etc
  • The wood trim nicks easily--ended up getting some touch-up
  • Still impressed by the low noise floor--the double-paned glass and all the soft surfaces help.
  • Like the fixed glass roof--opens up the interior and does a good job blocking heat. I do, however miss the open air driving of the pano roof
  • Coming from a 2013, there is an embarrassing amount of storage--the center console is nice in that it is has little cubbies to help keep things organized
Driving experience:
  • Acceleration never gets old, but beyond 0-60, the rollin acceleration is great for merging on freeway, passing, etc
  • The new suspension is superb--the car is poised in every situation I have thrown at it from curvy river roads to flat-out acceleration runs
  • Vision-only AP worked well. The only thing it seemed to struggle with for me is keeping proper distance with a lead car

The Yoke!:
  • I love mine, I would not trade it for a round wheel, even if Elon himself offered to come swap mine out
  • It took a while to get used to it--some of you have seen the video of my travails as I got acclimated :)
  • My best advice it to approach the yoke as a different control interface--treating it like a wheel will lead to more challenges
  • For the actual yoke, I am pretty much driving like I my old wheel--one handed, palming, etc
  • The stalkless piece took a bit longer -- what I really like is having key controls under my thumbs--the ergonomics are like an Xbox or Playstation controller. It is compact and efficient--going back to my wife's X seems awkward now
  • The force touch controls are a work in progress--they have made tweaks to both the control and the haptic feedback that have improved the experience, but there is still opportunity to improve
Wish list:
  • Big thing is I wish they were further along with the software:
    • There are still a number of features from the launch that are still outstanding like games (Witcher, etc), ANC, IIRC torque vectoring
    • The Bluetooth implementation, in relation to the rear seat audio appears unfinished
    • V11 - the current UI seems cobbled together and unfinished
Bottom line, this car has been a blast for the last 6 months and expect that to continue. I've included everything that I thought folks would find interesting--let me know if folks have other questions.
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