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Model S Plaid heating system sucks!!!

The Tesla heat pump system does not have a refrigerant to air heat exchanger on the exterior of the car. As such, there is nothing to ice up and there are not the defrost cycles found in more traditional home heat pump systems.
it is a glycol based exchanger and it sure can ice up under the correct outdoor conditions and airflow will be restricted.
I tested out my heater again today for about 2 hours. I turned on my wife’s 2020 Model X and my Plaid at the same time in the same garage, hers heated to 111 degrees on full, mine topped out at 82 degrees and wouldn’t go up any further. I loved the heater on my 2020 Perf S, hoping software or service can improve the plaid.
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My M3P 2021 was recalled to swap out the heating and cooling sensors. Before this it did exactly what you’re describing even set to high it sometimes wouldn’t blow anything other than cool air, now it works perfectly. I would imagine the sensors are the same so could be a faulty batch.
Thanks for that insight, that’s so great to hear. This is the value of posting and sharing on these forums.
Don’t know if this helps. The initial notice was an alert from the car.
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Apr 20, 2019
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Don’t know if this helps. The initial notice was an alert from the car. View attachment 746359
Interesting. For me, the problem is to do with the auto setting. After a while at auto set to e.g. 71F it will blow cooler air for me at times. I solved it by just using manual 71F. For me at least this comes across as a software bug.
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I have a Model Y Had my PT Hi / Low sensors replaced Nov 2021 after no heat. Well Dec 10th again no heat and received multiple faults. Tesla sent software update to "patch the system" it worked for a week. Today no heat again, waiting for my service appointment scheduled for Jan 6th, Its very disappointing its a MONTH wait for an appointment, especially with freezing temperatures and no heat in my only car.
The weird thing for me that it isn't no heat, it's actually what it's calling for ironically, but not what I'm used to. For instance, the Tesla OEM settings for temperature go to 81 degrees I think and then the next increment instead of 82 is HI. With it being on HI, it continues to increase temperature well beyond the 82 degree increment, however, in the Plaid, after 81, the HI increment is just 82 and holding. Sounds to me like a software issue that will hopefully be resolved in an upcoming patch, but if not, I'll take it to the SC in January.

I recently also had a window switch issue that wouldn't allow me to use one-touch to roll up or down the windows, instead, I had to hold it down. Then a mobile SA reprogrammed the regulator with an all-up, all-down, and all-up again maneuver that solved that issue.
A post above made me realize that I don't believe my Plaid has "range mode" like my old Model S did... Is that the case? I certainly haven't found it in the menus. Can someone confirm?
No range mode. No energy Graph, No carwash Mode. No Creep mode. No Regen setting mode. No side widgets on cluster. I'm sure I missed 20 more.
I just picked up my Plaid yesterday. First impression is the car is amazing, but the heating system is awful. It’s inexcusable how bad the heating is for any car much less a car in this price range. It reminds me of a VW Beetle from the 1970s.
I am in Montreal and I also get blowing cold air early on in the heating process. They should prevent the fans from blowing until the temperature of the air gets warmer. I did not have this on my P100D
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Aug 1, 2015
I am in Montreal and I also get blowing cold air early on in the heating process. They should prevent the fans from blowing until the temperature of the air gets warmer. I did not have this on my P100D
My impression with my 2015 Model S is that the fan either does not start, or starts at very low speed, until the air is warmed up significantly. Which is how my Mercedes cars worked, if they had Automatic Climate Control (and I agree that should be the preferred behavior).


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Aug 27, 2018
I'm VERY glad you brought this up @David29...

I was very surprised when the term "Raven" caught up extremely fast among the Tesla and non-Tesla community, both online and offline, especially considering Raven is the internal name used by Tesla, (Abstract Ocean even sells "Raven" stickers).

But on the other hand, unfortunately, Palladium is the internal name used for the new S and X platform, but nobody calls them Palladiums outside of Tesla. Instead, people usually refer to them as "Plaids", but as you know, that's a trim level within the Palladium platform.

It would help A LOT to maybe "educate" the community if we could divide the Model S Forum Sections here on TMC to something like:

2012 - 2016 (WhiteStar),
2016.5 - 2019 (S2),
2019.5 - 2021 (Raven),
2021- (Palladium).

Just my 2¢...
I totally agree. The Stickies continuing from 2012 is just plain stupid.
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Dec 29, 2018
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On car naming conventions, some anecdotal findings from Christmas visits to friends and family: In trying to explain to people which car I bought, I had the most success when using either of two phrases: "the long range Plaid" or "the slow Plaid". Nothing else registered with people. Using the term Plaid invoked two things: speed, and "the KITT steering wheel".

One guy asked me, "Slow Plaid, huh? How slow?" and I said, "Just 3.1 zero to sixty." He nearly dropped his eggnog. "That's what counts as slow with the latest Teslas" I said. :cool:

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