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Model S refresh - Reduced Front Radar Visibility

I recently took delivery of a refreshed Model S. Over the last few weeks when trying to engage auto pilot I am receiving an error message “Reduced front radar visibility”. It’s very spotty, sometimes I’ll be able to use AP for a minute or two when newly getting in the car for the day or trip. While it’s engaged the drivers cluster will turn red and flash for the driver to take control (while my hands are on the yoke, driving in the lane, normal speed, and no issues around me).

I’ll put the car in park and reset the system by holding both scroll wheels until everything reboots. I’ll put the vehicle in drive and AP will
be available for a very short period of time, then the cycle continues.

Has anyone experienced this before? Obviously I’ll prob take it to the service center. I found a couple of threads here with this issue. One of them the persons car was totaled and he received a new car. The other thread did not have a solution.
How long / how many miles have you driven in your new car? Autopilot needs some time to understand your driving style/behavior.
I have 1,535 miles on it.

What’s unusual is it typically works right after I do the reset. Also, I’m receiving the red warning ⛔️ for driver to take control all the time, even when all safety requirements are met.

I scheduled a service appointment for this Wednesday. I will keep everyone posted.
How long / how many miles have you driven in your new car? Autopilot needs some time to understand your driving style/behavior.
No, AP doesn’t learn your driving style/behavior. It doesn’t try to drive like you. It does need some miles to calibrate the sensors to properly center your car in the lane.
Just a quick update incase anyone else has this same issue.

I finally got my vehicle into service yesterday and they immediately diagnosed it with a bad radar which was replaced and Tesla completed a 6 mile road test to reconfigure the cameras / radar. Now it’s as good as new!
Thanks for the update. I have the very same issue. Hopefully it will get resolved. Took delivery early November 21. The Radar started acting up at around 6,000 miles with a couple of warning messages of reduced visibility and two days ago quit working altogether.
Just found this thread. I have had this issue three times now in two weeks. I have 6500 miles on my MSLR delivered late September. I drive the car someplace and no problem and then driving home I have the error when I try to engage AP. A two button reboot while driving does not resolve the issue immediately however a few minutes later the yoke icon appears on the right side of the main display and then all is well. 100 percent positive that the front bumper is clean. I am going to observe and try various things (IE stop and power the car off/on) to see if I can replicate anything.

I also wonder if Tesla is disabling the radar for Tesla Vision and this is a blind camera issue.
This is exactly how mine started. The radar will progressively get worse and worse until it completely gives out. I’d schedule your service center appointment ASAP as you know the service center is most likely backed up.
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Does anyone know exactly where the radar is mounted ? I have been in some discussion with Tesla and they are asking if the car has PPF on it and as a test I will clean the radar unit before drives to/from work (Canada we have snow right now). They state it is right BELOW the front license plate but that is a very small surface and I read that other cars are to the left or right of the plate location. Anyone know on the S refresh ?
Well, my Autopilot and TACC started cutting out and was then totally unavailable.

I made these notes:
Autopilot issue:
  • After car deep sleeps overnight Auto Steer/TACC will be available immediately at the start of the first drive of the new day
  • When Auto Steer/TACC are available stop signs, speed limit signs, garbage cans, etc are all visible in visualization as usual.
  • Upon engaging Auto Steer/TACC it will work for a very short time and then become unavailable and the car will disengage/force me to take over with the red yoke warning (auto steer loses visibility or confidence?). After this happens a couple of times Auto Steer/TACC are unavailable the rest of the day.
  • I also found out that I do not need to engage Auto Steer/TACC at all to have them cease to operate — after a few minutes of driving they will no longer be available and the dashboard visualizations stop functioning even without engaging Auto Steer/TACC
  • Once Auto Steer/TACC are unavailable the visualization of roadway lanes will often work, but stop signs, speed limit signs, other cars, garbage cans, traffic lights, etc no longer show up on the visualization.

  • Diagnostics performed (all unsuccessful in making Auto Steer/TACC come back)
    • Hold both yoke buttons to reboot computers.
    • Hold brake + both yoke buttons for 60+ seconds to force “deeper” reboot
    • Format dash cam USB drive and reboot car
    • Remove dash cam USB drive and reboot car
    • Disable Sentry mode
    • Toggle all autopilot settings
    • Make sure headlights are set to AUTO
    • “Power off” car, power back on and drive.
    • Recalibrated cameras twice
I put in a service request and the Remote Diagnostic Team has ordered me a new radar unit. No ETA on arrival.
I have a 2021 Model S Plaid delivered in December 2021 with 2,000 miles on it. Issues started right around the time I upgraded to 2022.4.5.
Welcome to my nightmare. Our local Service team wanted proof photos that my radar was not covered with snow when this was happening. For two weeks I carried cleaning wipes and paper towels in the car and wiped off the radar mount location (to the left of the front plate when facing the car) and had all the follies you are enjoying while recording, sending car logs (they wanted exact dates and times and chronology). APPARENTLY the radar has been disabled in our cars per the Store Leader at my SC so the plot is even thicker. I put up with it for two weeks and then ratcheted up the discussion and got a curt reply that 'we have ordered the parts and scheduled a visit' after no response for days. That visit is tomorrow. Funny enough, it was doing it every drive on every day when it was -ve temperatures so I think it is a temperature related radar failure. As soon as it started getting closer to and above freezing, the problem has all but disappeared. Now I just have a side view mirror that has a mind of its own of which way it wants to point. That is on the shop visit for tomorrow as well. I will report the outcome of the shop visit. My Theory : mine started when yours did and I am wondering if they are weaning the car off using radar and have/had some bugs in the code. This theory was enhanced when buddy was stumped that I was getting a new radar and said flat out 'the car does not use the radar anymore'. Something is up and these folks are really sketchy with details. I did not do all of the gyrations you did. I found a few times rebooting the car a couple of times would restore it and in many cases, later in the drive it would come back online. You can tell as the yoke icon appears on the right side of the driver display. Strange things...
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hi, i have the same issue but my error message is Autopilot safety / convenience feature unavailable. waiting on tesla to receive new front radar unit to replace.

tried rebooting, washing the car so that no sensors were blocked /covered etc., had remote tech come to verify concern and apparently it is the front radar needing replacement.

car has 1500 miles and this message comes on at the beginning of each drive and just stays on.
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