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Model S shock absorber dust cover damage

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Hey everyone.
So I recently bought a 2016 MS P90D.
Took it to dealership for a checkup before signing the contract.

Yesterday took it to my friends garage and we lifted it to check ourselves just to find something clear as day, which the dealer didn't even mention:

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-15 at 17.06.13.jpeg WhatsApp Image 2021-02-15 at 17.06.12.jpeg

Not only on the boot, but also on the metal you can see the marks of an impact. No clue how the previous owner managed this, no issues / noises while driving but I would like to replace that boot anyways.
However, I couldn't find the boot cover aftermarket.

Any chance anyone has the part number for this?
Also, any idea if the boot tear would have damaged the shock absorbers? Or cause problems in the long term? (Not sure what exactly this boot is covering)
Might have been the result of a suspension failure, and the broken link somehow got thrown up into the air strut?

I don't know what dealership you are talking about for the inspection, but like home inspections the fine print basically excludes them from any recourse.

I actually had a small hole in my air strut plastic shrowd, I determined it looked like chew marks from a mouse, and I just sealed it up with a polyurethane sealant. It is just a dust and moisture cover to protect the strut from getting mucked up and corroded. After over a year the sealant is still holding fine, so I have no worries. Your hole looks larger than mine though and would be a little harder to seal up.

But if you want to change it out, I am pretty sure Tesla does not sell this part, you would have to get the whole air strut. You could try used, or perhaps an aftermarket company that might sell just the shrowd.
Air Suspension for Tesla | Arnott

Tesla Model X 2015-2019 OEM REBUILT Front Air Suspension Air Strut Spring Bag (102736125E)

Keep in mind I have not read of anyone who has done this without Tesla service centre toobox software to remove and replace the air from the system through the compressor. Don;t know if it can be done without it?? Could it be as simple as loosening a connector to depressurize the system then bolting it back up and the compressor refills the system?
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Thanks a lot for the answers guys.
Yeah, dealership asks 900 eur for replacing the whole air shock strut. They do not replace just the boot.
It looks like I will also try and fix it with some sort of silicone temporarily.

I am going ahead and suing the garage that I bought this car from, for the damages that they have hidden from me.
Damage on the front right wheel (wheel replacement)
Damage on halfshaft boot (halfshaft replacement)
Damage on shock absorber boot (shock absorber replacement)
Damaged wheel bolts.
Stabilizors are also making a rattling noise.
Visible proof of previous accidents from front right side was also hidden from me and the car was advertised as accident free, in perfect condition.

So going ahead legal with photos and cost estimates from Tesla.

Just ordered Sikaflex -221 for sealing the boots.
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The Tesla dealer missed much more than that damage on the boot.
I went to a friends garage, who is a good mechanic.
Here are our findings..


Looks like the car has much more damage than what the dealer found.
I trusted the dealer input and took the car for an inspection at the dealer before buying it.
Paid 240 bucks, waited for 5 hours.

They only found thathalfshaft boots are ripped and cabin filter should be changed.

Turns out I bought a car which had an accident from front right side. Also Autopilot does not work because the car does not see the Autopilot radar. Either something wrong with the cabling, or the hardware is missing..

Now dealer promised to do a detailed check-up for free. Only now I am - tens of thousands of K euros down in my wallet and have a car that needs to spend days in a garage being repaired, god knows how much more needs to be invested in it..

Lessons learned:
Never go to Tesla dealers / official services for a check up before buying a car.
They just do a visual check, and do a lousy job at it. And overcharge you for that aswell...
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