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Model S stops all of a sudden once i drive off.

this has happened more and more frequently lately. so i get in the car, get ready to drive off, and after a split second, the car immediately goes into Park on its own and stops. its very alarming and surprising. there is nothing in front of me, no obstacles or anything like that. seems to happen every other day now. anyone have this problem and know what causes this?
Yep. Either one of two things has caused this. One of the doors, (usually the driver's door) is open or opened. Or you raised up out of your seat and cleared the seat weight sensor that checks to insure that there's a person in the driver seat.
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It happened to me today as I was backing out of a space. It happened about a week ago. I let it go. Now we have a problem.
Another subject.. might not be related, but appeared after 15 Sept load. The option to reset TPMS senors is gone from options. Service center is lost.