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Model S Trunk Open and Closing randomly

Just dropping this here in case anyone experiences this in the future. My 2019 Model S just started randomly opening and closing the trunk repeatedly. It wasn’t like a steady consistent pattern, almost like someone hijacked my account and was messing with the trunk via app. I honestly thought my S.O. was playing a weird prank.

I obviously freaked out when I concluded it was an issue with the car. I opened a service ticket and started thinking about any recent OTA updates, and obviously concerned also about the tech competency on the receiving end.

I put the car on the charger in the garage and let it do the trunk dance for a while… since it’s all I could really do after trying the soft reboot. After about 15 min, it stopped.
My only guess at the moment is temperature change. Daily temp jumped from ~70F to 90F. Maybe enough to trigger extra tension on the bump stops for the trunk. I initially though if something like that occurred, it would default to an open state… but the car went haywire and appeared confused on whether to open or close.

Since I’m not familiar with the algorithm… I just wanted to tell you what I saw. Maybe someone will correct me, but I really do hope it is not some electrical/wiring issue.