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Model S90d with xpel stealth wrap, 12k mile

I have the option to pick up a Model X if I can sell my Model S for a reasonable price. I'm looking for 80k, firm.

It's in great condition, bought it last August and has a full xpel stealth wrap and built in escort radar.

I try to post pictures in a little bit but need to figure out if this is doable ASAP. Let me know if anyone is interested, in the New York area
Pic 1


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I got a couple of requests for more pictures. Sorry that it is so dark outside but this is the best I can do. The wrap was done by enthusiastic detail in Mamaroneck, New York.


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I know you're no longer a seller - but can you elaborate a bit on your wrap. Is the wrap itself a matte black color or does it just give a matte effect to your black car? It looks fantastic.

Not the OP, but I was just researching it this weekend. It is a wrap for over factory paint that basically turns it into matte finish and offers some protection to the factory paint from damage. Seems like it can run anywhere from $4k to nearly $10k depending on size of vehicle, location, and other circumstances. When you get bored with it, you can remove it (with some work) and have a fresh paint job underneath still. If I had purchased instead of leased I might have considered it.