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Model X, 22inch wheel Tire Pressures

Vehicle is 2019, Model X, Raven, produced September 2019, factory 22 inch wheels and tires.

Just what is the cold inflation pressure recommended for this vehicle? The door pillar spec says 42 PSI, both front and rear, however I recently had all 4 tires replaced at a SC in Portland on somewhat of an emergency basis. When picking up the car, I felt it rode a little rough but did not think too much of it, as I was glad to get back on the road. This AM I checked the tire pressures, car cold in the garage, ambient at 52 degrees F. All four tires were at 46PSI. These are all Pirelli Scorpion PNCS tires, before and after replacement.

I have not contacted the SC, but did read the invoice hoping to find inflation pressure, however it just used the phrase"tires inflated to specified pressure", which they were not if you believe the door pillar. Since my "emergency" was created by fact I did not observe the excessive wear on the rear inside tires, which in mm I measured at 4,5,0, at the time one deflated.

Long way of getting to my point are the SC's perhaps over inflating a bit, to move more tread wear to the center of the tire, since it really is a negative camber issue, but camber links are non adjustable, mine being at -2.0 degrees, when alignment was done with new tires. Tires lasted about 25k, which seems to be the norm. Fronts can probably go 40k. Suspension is set for default to low.