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Model X at showrooms?

Has anyone seen one at the stores yet?

I guess they´ll ship them and later reveal them all at once (at least that´s how I would be doing it).

There was one instagram pic showing a white X in a store setting posted here, but the picture was removed from instagram later. From the info on the thread it was not a real store but a mock-up in the Palo-Alto HQ and an employee posted it.
Rep at the Scottsdale AZ showroom said they were told that they would get a showroom X in January. They have not dispensed much information about the X when prodded, I so I will take the January remark with a grain of salt. Hope it happens, but my expectations are low.
Has anyone heard if they plan to have samples of the Ultra White seats or Ash trim options in stores now that production reservations are configuring?

when I talked to the rep, I specifically asked if they had a sample of the white synthetic leather. He said they did. I am not sure if this is true in all showrooms so you should call ahead to see if yours does.
The ISR I spoke to said "end of year." He didn't say which year. :) Also, same ISR didn't know the white seats were not leather until I told him they were not leather.

I'm ready to finalize design without seeing (another) one since I was at the reveal, and I'm obsessed. My wife, on the other hand...