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Model X Creaking noise while starting to move

Just picked up a 2017 Model X overall great condition but there is an odd sound when I start to move from a stop or get close to stopping from a move listen to video. Anyone encounter this, potential fixed, I’m setting up a service appointment but curious if this is common.

Mine does exactly the same. 8/2018 X that I have owned since new - 8k miles on the clock now.

Am planning on taking it in to a service center soon, been holding out as want to get the AP3 HW swap (I have FSD package) and yellowing MCU / screen fix done at the same time.
Hey, got the car back this morning! Got a text at midnight that the car was ready. I haven't noticed the noise at all since I picked it up this morning but need to drive it around some more to see if it's truly gone.

Here's what they did to solve the problem:

  1. Correction: Link - Front Suspension - Lower - Fore - LH (Remove & Replace)
  2. Correction: Link - Front Suspension - Lower - Fore - RH (Remove & Replace)
  3. Correction: Four Wheel Alignment - Check and Adjust (with Air Suspension)
  4. Correction: Ride Height - Adjust
  5. Correction: Halfshaft - Front Drive Unit - LH (1st Generation) (Remove and Replace)
  6. Correction: Halfshaft - Front Drive Unit - RH (1st Generation) (Remove and Replace)

New Fore Links, alignments, and half shafts (axle?)

Regarding the AP Hardware, they admitted that they've heard of progress, but mentioned it's probably only occurring on the west coast or cali, because they haven't done any or got instructions to do any in their shop.
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